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It was an honor to have my branding chosen to represent the Schuylerville Small Business Association. I'm not usually one for contests, but I couldn't pass this opportunity by! To meet the challenge, I knew I had to stand out, so I came up with a fully modular logo set that could grow or shrink depending on the usage. I also developed four extensive color palettes that can change with the seasons.

In the end, I was able to deliver on a concept representing everything Schuylerville, NY has to offer -- a classic upstate main street, art, historic sites, farms and orchards, all set right on the Hudson River.

Getting to work with the energetic and passionate business owners in Schuylerville was such a delight, and it's always a treat to get to spend some time in that little town.

Below is a study exploring alternate versions of the logo. Smaller "patch" logos, as well as alternate wordmarks, and a representation of the concept with all elements displayed.

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